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Romanticism in contemporary photography


The invisible sources of the artwork: talks with today’s artists
by Emma Coccioli
Romanticism, the brooding and intensely personal eighteenth-century art and literary movement, takes on a new lease of life in this carefully curated collection of interviews with contemporary artists from around the world. Romanticism is reconsidered from a twenty-first-century perspective. Moving past a purely formal presentation of the artists’ work, this text strives to uncover the deeper meaning and more pressing issues present in the artworks. Includes interviews with Vision artists Jennifer Schlesinger & Neil Folberg.

Interview with Neil Folberg

Limited Edition Artist's Book by Neil Folberg

Neil discusses his work in this video


We are pleased to announce that the Metropolitan Museum of Art has acquired TAKING MEASURE for its collection. See the book on Artsy


Vision Neil Folberg Gallery

Features fine art contemporary photographers from around the world in Neil Folberg's studio gallery. Founded 1981 in San Francisco, VISION relocated to Jerusalem in 1998.
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MACEDONIA 1971-Manofim

In 1971, Neil Folberg spent six months living and photographing in Macedonia, then part of Yugoslavia. He made an intimate series of images that depict the resilient people who live on this hard land. He was subsequently banned and his photographs censored by the government of the Socialist Republic of Macedonia.

Folberg photographed the land and people in villages, towns, in their homes, in the streets and in their fields, funded by a grant from the University of California, Berkeley. 

This show is part of the Manofim Jerusalem Contemporary Arts Festival and is the first exhibition of this series since 1974. Most of the prints displayed are unique vintage prints.

Special exhibition opening on Wednesday, 24 October 2018, at 8 PM with a live performance of music from the Balkans by Gergely and Agi, Cyrelle and Jesse.