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Art Toronto 2013

Vision Neil Folberg Gallery at Art Toronto 2013, Booth 922

Vision Neil Folberg Gallery is showing photographic based work by seven artists from Israel, Germany and the U.S. - our most exciting art fair event, ever - at Art Toronto 2013. Included are works by Israelis Ronnie Setter, Ella Littwitz, Asaf Kliger and Neil Folberg; American photographers Beth Moon and Michael Kenna (image above) and German photo-artist Georg Kuettinger.

From Israel:

Ronnie Setter, Dizengoff©
Ronnie Setter has a B.A. in English Literature and Philosophy from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem; she later studied at Stockholm University. She teaches drawing and design at the Holon Institute of Technology in Israel. Photography, drawing and light (particularly the integration of LED lights into her works) are major components of Ronnie's work. Light always emerges from the inner part of the work. She etches the emulsion of transparency material with screwdrivers as her brushes, to produce an astonishingly fine effect of depth and color. She finds inspiration in urban scenes in Tel-Aviv and Berlin, merging historical imagery with contemporary elements to produce timeless, deep images that resonate with light and meaning, depicting the world of "might have been" along with the world that was.

Neil Folberg, Four Dancers ©
Neil Folberg will be showing some images from the series/book "Travels with Van Gogh and the Impressionists".  The French Impressionist artists were heavily influenced by the idea of photography, which promised an instantaneous view of fleeting everyday life. Photography in the 19th Century was unable to fulfill that promise and certainly not in color - so the French Impressionists painters only flirted with photography. Neil Folberg went to 21st Century France with contemporary photographic tools and the 19th C. vision that he "borrowed" from Renoir, Degas, Morisot, Manet, Monet etc.  The result, according to critic William Meyers of the Wall Street Jorurnal: "I am not aware of another project as extensive and thorough as Mr. Folberg's. He immersed himself in the culture and the lives and works of the Impressionists ... to a remarkable degree he became one with them, if not actually one of them, and the photographs he took are in effect an extension of the Impressionist oeuvre. [This] is another turning point for Neil Folberg: It brings us up sharp with its evocation of another time and another place, and its profound questions about originality, tradition, and the estimation of beauty."

Asaf Kliger, Tourist Ferry, one hour exposure

Ella Littwitz, Calidrid collides with flock of Cranes, $2,000©

We are also showing two young Israelis: Ella Littwitz and Asaf Kliger. Asaf is noted for long exposures of transient phenomena, producing a smooth image of time and space integrated and flowing in the present. Ella shows small, carefully crafted images of feathers taken from birds who have collided with Israel Air Force fighter planes, labeling them simply with the name of the plane, the type of bird and the monetary value of damage done to the plane.

From Germany

Georg Kuettinger. Salinas, whole day sequence ©

Georg Kuettinger's work reflects landscape imagery and its perception in his mural-size photoworks. Similar to the art of creating music, the title of the series “landscapes:remixed” describes the technique as well as the subject. Combining recurrent elements in the landscapes he photographs, he edits and compresses images to present possible landscapes. The project "landscapes:remixed" is an examination of perception, structures, rhythms, density of space and time, horizons and - above all – the stories of landscapes which are written by the constant change of its look and created by the melding of human impact with nature, as well as changes in colours, time, seasons and light. This will be the first showing in Canada of this widely recognized European artist.

From the U.S.

Michael Kenna, Sari Island ©

Michael Kenna has been looking at landscapes in ways quite out of the ordinary. His mysterious photographs, often made at dawn or in the dark hours of night, concentrate primarily on the interaction between the ephemeral atmospheric conditions of the natural landscape, and human-made structures and sculptural mass. His photographs often record details that the human eye is not able to
perceive.His intimate, exquisitely hand crafted black and white prints reflect a sense of refinement and thorough originality. His work has been shown in numerous gallery and museum exhibitions throughout the world and over thirty books and catalogs have been published on Kenna’s work.

Beth Moon, Shebehon Forest©

Beth Moon approaches her subjects from a place somewhere between science and spirit: grounded in reality yet moving it to a place that is universally accessible to others. Hers is not a mystical viewpoint but neither is it entirely physical. Her subjects are ancient and legendary trees from remote locations and the hills and coast near her home in California. The spirit of rooted trees and animals are wedded with their native landscapes in imagery that is both delicate and yet leaves an indelible impression on your memory. Once you have seen her exquisite hand-made platinum/palladium prints you will never forget them.

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