Taking Measure Artist's Book

Large Format 14.25" width x 13.75" height (36 x 35 cm); 80 pages
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Signed & numbered
Taking Measure
Taking Measure is a large-format artist’s book. This is a cased, hand-bound, finely printed book published in a limited edition of 50 copies and produced in England by a master of the craft. Each copy is dedicated to its owner. The book combines cutting-edge digital printing fidelity with a traditionally crafted hand-made volume. Click here to see a short video about the book.

  • Price for orders placed through April 7, including shipping: $1000
  • Price after April 7, including shipping: $1150

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  • Edition of 50 signed & numbered copies
  • Size: 14.2" x 13.8" (36 x 35 cm)
  • 80 pages, 33 plates
  • Each book is dedicated to its owner & produced to order by Francis Atterbury at Hurtwood Press, London
  • Slipcased & hand-bound by Paul Kidson at Ludlow Bookbinders, Shropshire

Here's what William Meyers, who writes on photography for the Wall Street Journal had to say about the work: "The first thing to be said about Neil Folberg’s photographs is that they are beautiful. Roger Scruton, the British philosopher, says in his book Beauty that “…beauty demands to be noticed,” and Folberg’s pictures certainly command our attention. The prints are not only exquisite, but are the appropriate backdrops for Nordic sagas of heroes and gods. Folberg, too, chronicles cosmic adventures. His own hero, he figures as a silhouette in about half of his works. The elements of nature may be a given, but there is a sense in which Nature does not exist until it is designated as such, and certainly in paintings and photographs Nature is as much an artifice as the built environment. Folberg’s constant theme has been man’s place in Nature, and his consciousness of it. Scruton does not say in his book what beauty is, but he describes its effects; he says, “…beauty makes a claim on us: it is a call to renounce our narcissism and look with reverence on the world.” He could be talking about Neil Folberg’s photographs".
Hand-bound Artist's Book in Slipcase

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