French Impressionists

2001-2003 : French Impressionists

The Impressionists' Salon
About this work: In 2001, Neil Folberg was commissioned to create a body of photographs about the lives and work of Van Gogh and the French Impressionist painters. He crossed barriers of time to immerse himself in French history and culture of the later 19th century, studying the works of the masters, visiting their abodes and ateliers and gaining insights into their lives through encounters with their descendants. He saturated himself with the Impressionists’ personalities and along the way sought a contemporary route to capture their central spirits. Folberg found it interesting to consider that the medium of photography was coming into its own just as the Impressionists were making their marks in the world. They had created their paintings and pastels in the spirit of what photography would later become but had not yet attained. He looked at modern France through their eyes, photographed some of their descendants and attempted to integrate their visions with his own

Neil Folberg’s photographs capture the central spirit of the Impressionists’ work and reapply that spirit to contemporary subjects and settings. Following an intuitive sensibility that never misses its mark, Folberg deploys each artist’s individual vision to new and striking ends, undergoing an artistic transformation of his own in the process.

The book, "Travels with Van Gogh and the Impressionists"with author Lin Arison was published by Abbeville Press in 2007. William Meyers wrote in the New York Sun: "This is yet another turning point for Neil Folberg: It brings us up sharp with its evocation of another time and another place, and its profound questions about originality, tradition, and the estimation of beauty."

A special limited edition portfolio of six 13” x 17” toned silver prints and a signed numbered copy of the book, “Travels with Van Gogh and the Impressionists” was published by Vision and Holden Luntz Gallery in an edition of 40 copies, of which less than half remain available. Current price forpuchase of the set is $3,500 .

Prints are pigment prints on rag paper.
Prices and availability on request, prints begin at $2400 and the price varies according to the edition & size. All prints are made, signed and numbered by the photographer.

Ballet School, Paris

After "Luncheon of the Boating Party" by Renoir

Atelier Cezanne with apples

Atelier Renoir

Au Repos, after Manet

Cafe at night

Cherry Tree in Morisot's yard, Mesnil

Devant la Glace, after Morisot

Gaelle et Camille

Maison de Monet