Taking Measure

Taking Measure Artist's Book

I am the Lighthouse

Clockwork Universe, Total Solar Eclipse

Oversight - Looking Over the Horizon

Passing Shadow at Summer Solstice


Disturbing Stillness


Measuring the Distance to the Horizon from Land's End

Neil Folberg

Neil Folberg is a student of the American landscape photographer Ansel Adams. Born in San Francisco, Folberg became a pupil of Adams at age 16, followed by his education at the University of California at Berkeley and individualized study with landscape photographer William Garnett. In 1976, Folberg relocated to Jerusalem, Israel where he runs Vision Neil Folberg Gallery. Folberg’s constant theme throughout his career has been man’s place in Nature, and his consciousness of it. This theme has evidenced itself in his desert landscapes of the Middle East (1979 to the present); his Celestial Nights series (begun in 1997) which fuses the nocturnal terrestrial landscape with the celestial dome and most recently his series Taking Measure (2017).